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Bullfix Extra Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings - Starter Kit

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Product information

Bullfix Heavy Duty Plasterboard Fixings are a revolutionary way of hanging heavy objects to plasterboard, including TV brackets, radiators, shelves and cupboards. They are strong because of their smart and reliable patented wing design, which easily hook behind any plasterboard, including Stud, Dot and Dab, and Insulated Plasterbaoard. The starter kit is provided with the 20mm drill bit, screws and fixings for ease of installation. Holds up to 133kg*.

  • Guarantee - Statutory
  • CE marked

Features and benefits

  • Strong and reliable - The patented design features wings that open in the plasterboard cavity, providing strength and reliability up to 133kg*. Pack contains a 20mm drill bit, 10 fixings with collars and 5mm x 35mm screws
  • Easy-to-use - Quick and easy to install by following 5 simple steps. By using a standard 20mm drill bit, you can reliably secure any heavy items to plasterboard.
  • Perfect for Hanging Heavy Objects – Securely and safely hang heavy objects to plasterboard (up to 133kg max. shear load on 15mm plasterboard) , uses include radiators, boilers, heavy shelves and kitchn cupboards
  • Dependable - Never guess if a wall anchor has opened properly again! Thanks to the intuitive design, you cannot screw into a Bullfix fixing if the wings haven’t fully opened
  • Designed for Stud Walls - Can be used with plasterboard of standard thickness (12.5mm to 16mm). A minimum cavity of 20mm is required
  • Strong and reliable - Holds up to 133kg*
  • Easy to install in five simple steps
  • Patented smart wing design. Perfect for hanging heavy objects to plasterboard. Only 20mm cavity required. Perfect for hanging your TV bracket or radiator. Bullfix Extra - when you need that extra strength.

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